HR Consultancy


We offer specialized Recruitment services, to a wide variety of corporations including Automotive, Banking and Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petro-chemical, Retail, Education, Oil and Gas, Offshore, Telecom, Healthcare, Engineering, Energy, Information Technology and Service, Legal, Shipping and Logistics and other sectors. Our experienced professionals offer sourcing of human resource, best suited to the industry’s specific requirements to bring exceptional value.


Detailed and specific verifications are conducted regarding:

 Politically Exposed Personalities

Income Tax and Credit Score

Original Document Verification

Criminal and Judicial Record Check

Address Verification with neighborhood check

Geo-Tagging and Picture of the Physical Visits

Business Process Outsourcing

We adhere to strict standards in qualitative services and dependability. We understand the diverse technological needs and demands of an evolving global enterprise. Our services include comprehensive BPO, Infrastructure & Software Solutions. Driven by our belief in constant innovation and progressive growth, we partner with our clients to provide them with a distinct competitive advantage.


Efficient management of Compensation and Benefits is a critical part of employee satisfaction and retention, impacts performance and commitment. We offer specialized and efficient systems that support salary and benefits disbursement based on Attendance & Leaves management, record an reporting as per Statutory Regulations, cost and benefit analysis.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities give employees a chance to understand strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge can be put into play while working and can help increase productivity and provide betterment to the work life of the employees.
Maintaining a work life balance in the modern world is becoming increasingly more challenging.

  1. Involve employees in your business planning process
  2. Create a knowledge sharing system
  3. Encourage and provide learning opportunities
  4. Bring in and in-office motivational speaker

Data Analytics

HR analytic is the application of statistics, modelling, and analysis of employ related factors to improve business outcomes. HR analytic enables data driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employee, which improves ROI, Create better work environments and maximize employ productivity. HR professionals gather data points across the organization from sources like:

Employee Survey

Attendance records

Multi-rater reviews

Employ work history

Personality/temperament data

Employee databases

Salary and promotion history

Demographic data

Recruitment process

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