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Our highly experienced team has a comprehensive understanding of statutory
requirements and regulation of governing bodies. As such we offer expert advice on:

1.  Developing strategies for regulated companies to comply with regulatory requirements.

2.  Supporting regulated companies with formulation of pricing, quality of service proposals and other submissions to regulatory agencies.

3.  Assessing and developing regulatory incentive schemes.

Investment Appraisal

Investment reviews
and evaluations

Assessment of
financing options


Support in Tender
and structuring


Support in bid
submission against
energy tenders


Preparation of applications
for project financing
(grants, loans etc.)


Strategic Planning, Policy Development
and Implementation

Review and assessment of strategic plans and policies

Formulation of Strategic Planning Framework

Formulation of national and regional action plans and measures

Design of institutional structures, monitoring and support mechanisms for policy implementation

Capacity building support to authorities and institutions

Business Performance Improvement

Market analysis, Positioning and Strategy development

Financial Analysis and Modelling

KPIs Design and Benchmarking

Design and implementation of Governance Frameworks

Business Planning

Organization and Process Redesign

Operational Reviews and Risk Assessments

Renewable Energy

Wind and solar energies are the most promising Renewable Energy technology option of current times. Yohsin offers consultancy for Re-engineering projects of small to large scale generation (1-100 MW). Potential of sites are assessed and recommendations prepared for optimal performance. In depth studies will include:

Need analysis

Preparation of RFP
for floating the tender

Scrutiny of tenders to
shortlist prospective

Tender negotiations
to finalize the contractor

Supervision/ monitoring of
work as per work and
quality schedules

Managing Progress
Review Meetings (PMRs)

Closing of
the contract

Energy Conservancy

We provides energy conservation services and consultancy to Industrial and Commercial organizations in Pakistan. We have knowledge of NEPRA rules (electricity tariff rules) & apply expert solutions using technically & commercially best available options. We keep track of new technology developments and most efficient cost effective use of energy. Our focus is on low cost energy conservation measures, which have short payback period, in specific cases it is less than 6 months.

Energy Audit

We provide energy audit services whereby we look for short payback period opportunities for saving energy costs

Energy Management

Energy management require energy meters installed for calculation of energy consumption

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance gives advance warning of costly breakdown in electric motors and rotating machines.

Oil and Gas-Upstream and Midstream

YS provide services that span upstream and midstream oil & gas sector. Our integrated approach delves into each area individually and also examines the relationships between the segments. Whether you are looking for the big picture or a snapshot of a particular segment, we have a solution for you. We make a ground level look at the fields, wells and companies involved in exploration and production of oil, gas and NGL. We represent state of the art OEMs focused on the design, engineering, and supply of gas processing facilities and equipment for a range of applications in the refining and petrochemical sectors. We also provide turnkey EPC for small-scale LNG, Hydrogen and waste to energy process plants.